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Hallelujah, hooray

Finally made it to your shore

Through the glass, shades of gray

Looking back and wanting more

And as I spin around, another night ends the day

I lost the light but found a way


         But you may never know

         Where you want to go

         But it’s alright, it’s OK

         It’s OK


Spent a lifetime in the wrong place

Not to mention the time

Still I can’t remember your face

And I don’t recognize mine

Do you believe in a second chance?

Why can’t we start over?


         You don’t always know

         Where you’re going to go

         But it’s alright, it’s OK


Written and Produced  by The Turnback:  Todd Giglio (vocals, guitars), Kenny Sherman (vocals, guitars, bass), Barry Nagel (drums)

Mixed at The Mix Palace, West Hempstead, NY  11552 by Mic Angelo.  Mastered by Brian "Big Bass" Gardner

Copyright 2015 The Turnback  BMI

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