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Drawn In Chalk

The debut album by The Turnback.  Drawn In Chalk also played dual roll and was the soundtrack for our indie feature film called Drawing With Chalk.


The album was highly received and finished on many TOP 10 ALBUMS OF THE YEAR lists.  It also received several awards for BEST SOUNDTRACK.



(click for lyrics/credits)


1.   Beyond Belief

2.   Over And Out Of My Head

3.   Outside Again

4.   Cellophane Sky

5.   We Become

6.   What She Said

7.   Someone Else's

8.   Love Like Bombs

9.   I've Been Good This Year

10. One Day You'll Be Rich

11. Behind The Sun

12. Nowhere

“...strong, timeless compositions”, “crisp harmonies and solid melody lines” –POWERPOPAHOLIC

“A flair for memorable hooks… lavish vocal harmonies.”

“The jacket art should be a dazzling rainbow of colors to reflect the band’s massive mastery of styles.  Five Stars.” –POP GEEK HEAVEN

“A trio with an enormous sound. This is a must-have.“ –BREITBART

“One of the best power pop albums ever crafted.” –WAY OFF THE GRID RADIO

Selected by Mashable in their "10 Compelling Music Videos Shot on the iPhone" feature

Our name forever on The Cavern wall in Liverpool, England.

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