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Drawing with Chalk

Drawing with Chalk is all about obligations and dreams and what happens when the two collide.


Prompted by their own experiences as aging artists facing tough choices about the future, co-writers Todd Giglio (who also directs) and Christopher Springer star as lifelong friends, Jay and Matt, two 40-year-old musicians attempting to jump-start their stalled career. As Matt's middle-age anxiety sets in, Jay struggles to find a balance between his music and family as he negotiates the minefields of friendship and marriage when the two worlds don't fit together.


RUNTIME - 87 minutes

RATING - Not Rated

YEAR - 2011

COUNTRY - United States

LANGUAGE - English

ATTRIBUTES - Widescreen, Color, Surround Sound

GENRES - drama


"...the best of what independent film can be." -The Naples International Film Festival


"this movie grabbed me, held me and didn't let go." -Scott Storm, director, "Ten til Noon"


"a beautifully constructed, written and acted film." -The Independent Critic


"an extraordinary truthful, funny and wise film about dreams and dreamers." -Bruce Fletcher, Idaho International Film Festival


"[Giglio and Springer] capture that determination to do what you love, and the way it conflicts with everyday life, as well as anyone ever has." -Sonic Cinema


"tender, genuinely heartfelt, inspirational, refreshingly unpredictable and, above all, relatable." -The NYC Movie Guru

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