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Are We There Yet?

Following the limited success of our debut album, Drawn In Chalk, back in 2011, we are proud to announce our upcoming sophomore effort which is appropriately called ARE WE THERE YET?


This album represents the next phase of The Turnback and features 12 heavy guitar laden songs with memorable melodies, harmonies and hooks.  We anticipate a late summer/early fall release.


(click  each song to give a listen and for lyrics/credits)


1.   Faketown

2.   Five Days A Week

3.   Revolution GIrl

4.   Reveal

5.   Unmotivated

6.   July

7.   A Place For Me

8.   First Song Of Summer

9.   Seconds

10. If I Were God

11. A Long Way Home

12. Tomorrow Never Knows (exclusive CD Track; not available on iTunes)

Back in 2012, we started work on what we thought would be an EP.  Recording tracks at Cove City Sound Studios, the project would later be put on hold.  Jump to 2014.  A new studio (a rehearsal room in Queens) and a new agenda:  record a full length album because, why not?  We've all been busy with work, family, and everything else and we realized that time isn't going to slow down for us and we still had something to say.  We started recording in July (after having our car towed) and finished all 'studio' work by October.


We were fortunate to come across Mic Angelo and The Mix Palace who took our hurried tracks and turned them into wonderful analog mixes truly bringing out what we put into it.  Next we were able to secure mastering engineer Brian "Big Bass" Gardner who put the finishing touches on the album which gave us quite a professional edge.



To celebrate our latest radio campain, we are happy to say...

Once you've purchased Are We There Yet? (physical or digital), click below to send us an email confirming your puchase to


The Turnback


and we will send you a link to download our debut album Drawn In Chalk for free.


We Thank YOU and we look foward to the year(s) ahead.

The journey has been long and difficult but we are happy to say we are finally here.   We hope you enjoy the album as much as we do.


- Barry, Kenny, & Todd

includes bonus track:

Tomorrow Never Knows

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