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Big Thanks to VENTS MAGAZINE for their announcement!  Check back soon for an  in depth interview we did with them.

The Huffington Post premieres our song Five Days A Week!

Ep. 212,. August 9th, 2015


The show features our new song "Five Days A Week" as The Hottest Record in the World.  Check it out! (around the 32 minute mark):

Brian "Big Bass" Gardner: Mastering Engineer


Brian Gardner, also known as "Big Bass" is a mastering engineer. He has worked on a number of recordings since the mid-1960s, including classic rock, funk, disco, alternative rock, R&B, hip hop, pop punk, and dance pop. He is perhaps best known for his work on hip hop albums and in particular in his collaborations with Dr. Dre.
He is currently employed at Bernie Grundman Mastering, a mastering house founded and run by Bernie Grundman.
Brian has been awarded seven Grammy nominations six of which were for Album Of The Year and one Grammy win for Album of the Year (SpeakerBoxxx / The Love Below - Outkast).
Are We There Yet?


Finally.  The album arrives on October 2nd, 2015!  Featuring 11 original songs (and one bonus availbable only on the CD) that will make you want to roll the window down, turn it up, and go for a joyride.



1.  Faketown

2.  Five Days A Week

3.  Revolution Girl

4.  Reveal

5.  Unmotivated

6.  July

7.  A Place For Me

8.  First Song Of Summer

9.  Seconds

10.  If I Were God

11.  A Long Way Home

12.  Tomorrow Never Knows (CD Exclusive)



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