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She begins another day

She begins to find her way

Through the average and mundane

And the losses and the gains


          Start a revolution, girl

          If you wanna shake the world

          When the headwinds start to swirl

          Be the revolution girl


She has never been afraid

Of the things that people say

She is different, she is strange

But she’s never been ashamed


          That’s a revolution, girl

          In a backwards, standstill world

          And your flag is now unfurled

          You’re the revolution girl

Written and Produced  by The Turnback:  Todd Giglio (vocals, guitars), Kenny Sherman (vocals, guitars), Barry Nagel (drums), guest artist:
Lenny Rocillo (bass)

Mixed at The Mix Palace, West Hempstead, NY  11552 by Mic Angelo.  Mastered by Brian "Big Bass" Gardner

Copyright 2015 The Turnback  BMI

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