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They say that my cynicism isn’t smart or cute,

it’s really negativity in a fancy suit

Now and then when the spirit moves me

I take of my coat and loosen my tie

I roll up my sleeves and play ‘til I’m filthy,

so no one can say I don’t try


         Can you call me irresponsible?

         When you are unreliable

         And that is undeniable


Even when there’s half a glass

you won’t take a drink,

you’d rather fly in Neverland,

what am I to think?

Where are we going and are we there yet?

Wake me up if we hit the ground

What are we good for and are you scared yet?

Maybe we’ll never be found


         Can you call me irresponsible when you are unreliable?

         And that is undeniable

         In the land of crooks and king our heads are filled with useless things

         For all the joy and pain it bring we end up on our own

         It’s a long way home


No one here is bulletproof no matter how you feel,

science isn’t make-believe and Superman isn’t real

You believe in bleeding statues

but you ignore what’s in front of your eyes

What are you doing and are you aware yet?

Maybe I’m not surprised


         Can you call me irresponsible when you are unreliable?

         And that is undeniable

         This must be the prequel to a sequel

         That could never be the equal

         Of anything that ever came before

         It’s a long way home


Written and Produced  by The Turnback:  Kenny Sherman (vocals, guitars, bass), Todd Giglio (vocals, guitars), Barry Nagel (drums)

Mixed at The Mix Palace, West Hempstead, NY  11552 by Mic Angelo.  Mastered by Brian "Big Bass" Gardner

Copyright 2015 The Turnback  BMI

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